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     Mr. Jesus Party -  As a Christian with three #1 album on the iTunes Electronic Music / Dance charts, and a hit TikTok Challenge, you should definitely google this guy! Born on the Caribbean island of Antigua and raised in The Bronx, New York City. Skerrit Bwoy went from Dancehall Reggae parties with Ghetto Life Entertainment, to EDM festivals with Major Lazer, to giving it all up for Jesus Christ. Skerrit Bwoy is now a producer, artist, and DJ of Electronic Gospel Music & Christian EDM, which spans multiple international genres. The word fun is only the beginning of this music ministry.

    Skerrit Bwoy is no stranger to the entertainment industry. Before his conversion to Christianity, he was featured by prominent media outlets such as CNN, Large Up, The Fader, and TruTV. He even had a Documentary entitled "Temporary Sanity," by Dan Bruun, featured in several film festivals worldwide. Live events are a specialty of Skerrit Bwoy. From Coachella to Ultra and tons more, he has been on major festival stages across over 50 countries.

    After his spiritual conversion, popular music platforms, including Vice, Brooklyn Vegan, Rapzilla, and more, have covered Skerrit Bwoy. He has also appeared at live events like Fun in the Son NYC, Unity Music Festival, and the C&MA's Life Conference.

    These days you can catch Skerrit Bwoy in the church lending a helping hand, on festival stages to electrify an audience, or in the recording studio producing new songs. Skerrit Bwoy would like to thank you all for your continued love and support through his multiple seasons of transitions. Book him for your next event if you need high-energy Christian music and a way to keep your event engaging. #OhMyJesus


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          Jesus Party Vol. 1 [more listening options]


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    Jamaica Observer - Skerrit Bwoy

    — Loud It Up

    “Among the notable musical ambassadors emerging from Antigua, Skerrit Bwoy shines as its prime current example. ”

    — Jamaica Observer

    Skerrit Bwoy receives iTunes plaque for chart-topping album. His album Jesus Party Vol 1 topped the chart in March. Incidentally, Jesus Party Vol 2 topped the same chart on May 16.” - Kevin Jackson
    Major Lazer & Diplo Reminisces Past with Skerrit Bwoy in Throwback Instagram & TikTok Posts”
    “Skeritt Bwoy finds success with viral hit... The song, Jesus Party, recently peaked at number five on the iTunes Electronic Songs chart, while its accompanying album Jesus Party, Vol 1, peaked at number one on the iTunes Electronic Albums chart.” - Kevin Jackson

    — Jamaica Star

    “Skeritt Bwoy and the positive message the song was pushing gave me the idea for the challenge on TikTok. Right now, I have over 99,000 followers on TikTok. The Jesus Party Challenge can only go up from here. Dancers from all over the world have been joining in and making videos doing the dance challenge.” - Zorro aka Drip King

    — Reggae Fresh

    “Jesus Party Vol. 1 on the US iTunes Electronic Chart a year after its initial release... This husband, father of 4 children and former Dancehall daggering king, born Dale Richardson from Antigua, is steadfast in his musical journey with the hope that “Jesus Party” can be the one to open doors to invite the world to a more fun relationship with Jesus.” - Lesley Hayles

    — Global Money World

    “Something that is refreshing to hear is innovation in music. Especially present day when you can feel like you have everything figured out about music. As much as that can be fact there is still room for upper echelon creativity to stand out and engage a listener in a real way, to create an experience worthy of replaying for time to come. That type of creativity that shines from Skerrit Bwoy and his new project Jesus Party Vol 1.”

    — Nyack College

    “Demonstrating his sincerity for honing his craft, at Nyack College he earned an associate in art degree in music and an interdisciplinary bachelor of science in music and pastoral ministry, graduating summa cum laude in both degree programs and as a member of the New York State Pi Chapter of Alpha Chi National Honor Society.” - Deborah Walker

    — Enspire Magazine

    “Not only is he gaining respect from his peers, but more importantly, he is gaining appreciation from his fans for his new twist on dance music.“

    — South Florida Caribbean News

    "It’s clear that Skerrit Bwoy is growing in the EDM world. Best of all, we can’t wait to see what he does next!”


    — Electronic Mode

    “Sharing his experiences with faith, love and spirituality, he takes his listeners on a musical journey with his dancehall-reggae roots mixed with Christian soul.” - Angel

    — Brooklyn Vegan

    “I just noticed via Twitter that Skerrit Bwoy has an open invitation for New Yorkers to join him at church on Sunday morning. Intrigued, I searched around for more information.”

    — Rapzilla

    “Skerrit Bwoy isn’t who you expect him to be with his blond Mohawk and thick West Indian accent. But many people know him as one of dancehall’s premier DJs and member of electronic dance music slash reggae experiment, Major Lazer.” - Chaz Spears

    — Vice

    Skerrit Bwoy aka Dale Richardson, the daggering icon of the world, has given up daggering in the name of God.” - Zipper Z